Belle Isle Craft Spirits

Belle Isle Craft Spirits wanted a revamp for their site. Utilizing existing packaging, brand work, and photographs in the updated site design, we provided strategy work, site mapping, wireframes, and site design options. Unfortunately, site designs never made it to development.

The Wing

While working at KNOWN, I partnered with The Wing to build out an updated Shopify site. Utilizing their existing brand guidelines and a desire to develop a site that leveraged some of the UX of the Everlane shop as a point of reference, we provided strategy work and extensive shop design. I worked with my team at KNOWN to build out this site to design specs.


VFCCE wanted a simple, unpretentious site that communicated clearly and was easy to use for students and donors. I designed and built out the site on a modest budget to be straightforward on the frontend, and easy to use on the backend. I leveraged Advanced Custom Fields and repeater fields to allow for unique page template layouts to be built with minimal developer intervention in the future.

Wild West Irish Tours


Health Warrior

Health Warrior needed a more cohesive base site and shop. I provided a sitemap and designs that were user friendly and maximized the use of elements in their current packaging. Clean and bright was the goal.


RVATECH needed a sleek and easy way to display a huge amount of ever-changing internal events by category and date, as well as external events, information about committees, legislation and membership. This required thorough strategy work, simple framework based site design that allowed for a wide variety of images and logos, and an extremely customized Wordpress theme built for flexibility and ease of use.
I handled sitemapping and coordination with client for content placement and scope, as well as wireframes, site design, email design for membership use, and the entirety of the custom build.